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Customer dial 0 to call operator ---------------------------------- *RENTAL FLATS*__------------------------------------------------- *1BHK GOKUL HEAVEN*__ DEP 1L__ RENT 22,500__ KITCHEN CABINETS__ GAS PIPELINE__ WESTERN TOILET__ EW DOOR__ GARDEN FACING__ *1BHK GOKUL TOWER*__ DEP 75,000__ RENT 18,000__ *1BHK G GARDEN*__ DEP 50,000__ RENT 18000__ *1BHK NIKHIL,ASHANAGER*__ DEP 80__ RENT 20__ SF__ *1BHK HIGHWAY PARK*__ DEP 1.10__ RENT 21__ SF__ Vegetarian party__ Service class__ *1BHK PALM VIEW*__ DEP 1L__ RENT 18__ *1BHK G HEAVEN*__ SF__ 16LAC DEPOSIT__ NO RENT__ *2BHK ACKME OSSIES*__ DEP 3L__ RENT 35000__ PARKING 1__ 2FLATS__ *2BHK GOKUL PLAZA*__ DEP 1.50__ RENT 31__ 2BHK VEENA SAAZ__ 1.50/34__ VAI__ 2BHK RIMPLE ASHANAGER__ 1.50/33500__ FF PARKING__ 2BHK K EXOTIKA__ 2.50/40__ *SHOP RENT*__ 150carpet satyam 2/40__ 170 carpet G Regency 2/35__ 230 carpet G Monarch 1.50/55__ --------------------------------------- ? ??? ?????*OUTRIGHT PROPERTIES*------------------------------------ *1rk Paras ashanager*__ 350sqft __ 68ngo__ *1rk Pooja*__ Ashanager__ 350builup__ 65L NGO__ *1rk GOKUL GARDEN__ *GTON*__ 300SQFT__ 58Lngo.__ KEY__ *1BHK GOKUL HEAVEN__ 570SQFT__ EAST WEST__ 88L FINAL RATE NOT NGO...*__ *1BHK GOKUL TOWER*__ 550 SQFT__ 85L__ KEY__ *1BHK MUKTA MAHEK*___625 SQFT . MASTER BED__ Still parking__ 1.05cr NGO__ *1BHK KANKAI PARK*__ 550'__ 90L key__ *1BHK KANKIAPARK*__ 580BUILUP__ 95L__ *1BHK GOKUL HEAVEN*__still parking__ 1.05__ *1BHK BHOOMI ELEGANT*__ 540'__ 95 L__ *1BHK PRITAM PARK*__ 560SQFT__ 93L__ *2BHK MAHADEV APT*__ 939'__ 1.50CR__ WITH PARKING__ *2BHK ALPINE OC*__ SHAPORJI__ 792'CARPET__ 2.20 CR 1 PARKING__ *2BHK RADHA GOVIND*__ 1.80 CR ngo__ *2BHK MANGALAM*__ 835'__ 1.30 CR__ *2BHK VASANT PRIDE*__ 700C__ 1.70CR .. parking NGO.. *2BHK GOKUL GARDEN* .. 90ft rd.. 850SQFT .. PARKING furnished.. 1.35CR.. KEY *2BHK SATAYAM TOWER*.. 1090SQFR.. higher flr.. PARKING SF.. 1.85 CR.. KEY .. *2bhk SATAYAM TOWER*.. 1090SQDT.. FF PARKING.. NE DOOR.. 1.75CR NGO.. *2BHK VIDEOCON TOWER*.. 1000SQFT.. ONE PARKING.. HIGHER FLR.. 1.75CR... *2BHK GOKUL PLAZA*.. 850SQFT.. 1.35CR.. And 1.60 FF.. *2BHK EESPEE TOWER*.. 19 th flr. East west.. DATTPADA RD .. 625CARPET.. 1.65CR ngo.. *2BHK HIGHWAYPARK*.. 1.35CR.. *2BHK RIVALIPARK* WINTRGREEN.. (DECEMBER 19 POSSESSION APPR) 700'. HIGHER FLR.. 2.30 CR.. *3BHK RIVALIPARK*.. 1100C .. 3Cr.. *2.5BHK ALPINE*.. SHAPORJI.. 25FLR ABOVE.. 2.60CR .. WITH 1PARKING/2YEARS MAITNECE/TRANSFER FEES.. KEY 1HRS INFORM.. *3BHK VIDEOCON* .. 1385' .. 2.50CR.. *3BHK MINRAL HOUSE*.. 1000 C.. 2.50 CR NGO.. STILL PARKING.. 8657426768